Frequently asked questions

1. I can't find the english pattern!

 Answer: Please scroll down to find the link to the english patterns, it's there ;)

2. I have a question about a specific pattern.

Answer: Please contact me by email and let me know which pattern your question is regarding!

3. I'm looking for something different, can you help me?

Answer: I get asked a lot for patterns that are slightly different then mine, like different sizes. Sometimes people even ask for completely different projects.The patterns I offer are the patterns you can find on my blog or in my shop. If you're looking or something else I advice you to become a member of www.ravelry.com and try searching there. Unfortunately I just don't have the time to search everything you're looking for.

For any other question please send me an email.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Hallo, ik heb uw twee lappenpoppenboeken gekocht en maak ze met heel veel plezier. Maar ik vind het moeilijk om de hoofdjes er in t midden en recht op te naaien. Kan u mij misschien enkele tips hiervoor geven?
    Groetjes van ann

  2. I am working on the dragon hand puppet. Any tips for beginning the spikes? I am having a hard time with it.


  3. Hello, I am from New Zealand and I'm crocheting your rabbit ragdoll. I'm having trouble adding the white centre on the body. It seems off centre when I do it and I need help. Are you able to upload on youtube a video instruction. Kind Regards Diane

  4. Dear Sascha,

    I have bought yesterday your book with Gehaakte Lappenpoppen, the models are soo beautiful! I want to start crocheting just that I do not know which garn to choose. There are soo many models and brands which have the thread with size 3-4mm.
    Can I ask you which brand of garn have you used for this models? The colors are very beautiful.

    Thank you very much for answering,

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